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LightHawk's Delaware River Watershed Project

LightHawk Perspectives - The Nature Conservancy, New Jersey from LightHawk on Vimeo.

For the past decade, thanks to LightHawk and their terrific volunteer projects, I have taken aerial photos for the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, Fyke, The Nature Conservancy's New Jersey chapter, and a couple of other non-profits.

One of LightHawk's and TNC's  major initiatives have been in the Delaware River watershed. To publicize the benefits of aerial photography to tell the story of the restoration and reforestation, LightHawk did this recent webinar with TNC's Eric Olsen and me.

Around 20 minutes in, you can learn about TNC's Columbia Dam removal in western New Jersey. I start talking around 26 minutes into the video.

I thought I'd share the recorded webinar here.

(Thanks, LightHawk!)