Paasing Along Some Tick Advice
Horseshoe Crab Turn-turtled

Cape May Horseshoe Crabs & More

Patty and I stopped by Reed's Beach on the Delaware Bayshore on Monday in hopes of seeing a few endangered Red Knots.

We saw an armada of Horseshoe Crabs making landfall, which attracted  a feeding frenzy of mostly gulls but quite a few shorebirds as well.

(Yes, almost everything you see above along the shoreline that's not sand or water is birds.)IMG_7994 2

Meredith Morehouse of  Manomet and the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) showed us what the fuss was about: Horseshoe Crab eggs (right).

She held up a batch on a tiny half shell for us to see and took a survey regrading the group's efforts to help migratory birds and educate the public, including the signs below left.

We also bumped into Larissa Smith of Conserve Wildlife Foundation, who  showed us more shorebird action at the next beach south and rescued a tiny Diamondback Terrapin (Below right) crossing the road along the way.

(We did see several Red Knots, but none close enough to photograph. Nature's spectacle, however, was memorable.)