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(Archival) Weatherfish Pix from Lake Appert

Last month's the discovery that we have invasive Oriental Weatherfish in Lake Appert prompted Barbara Dilger and MW Mike Limatola to send me their old photos of birds eating what they figured back then were eels.

I sent the images to Oriental Weatherfish expert Bob Schmidt, who said Mike's Green Heron shot from 2012  definitely featured an OW, and Barbara's 2008 American Bittern shot featured an OW as well.

Celery Farm brass and staff are discussing our next move.

We now have pix of a Black-crowned Night Heron, a Green Heron and an American Bittern all eating what is even sushier than previously thought.

Walt Staab's pic and this post unearthed the problem. You can see it here.

Kevin Watson followed up with a BC Night Heron entree, here.

Thanks to all!