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Monday Mystery Answered

C Loon (2)(1)
On Monday, Valerie Knipping asked:

Can you or anybody help me with the identification of the bird shown below>

I was at Verona Park in Verona last week when I spotted this loon. I've never seen a loon here all the 25 years I've been birding there. What kind of loon is this?

The consensus is that it's a Red-throated Loon. Thanks to all who replied (and helped the glitch the first time I posted the mystery).

Valerie writes that the loon was still there as of Thursday.

History Day is Tomorrow at NW Bergen Sites

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.48.14 AM
The Northwest Bergen History Coalition Presents:

How Immigration & the Railroad Shaped our Towns

  Have you ever wondered what impact immigration and the railroads had on the development of the towns in Northwest Bergen County? On History Day 2018, April 28 from 10 AM to 4 PM, twelve museums and historic homes will be open to the public for visitors to explore how both immigrants and the railroads helped to define the villages, towns, and boroughs of NW Bergen County. Sites include the Fell House, The Hermitage, the Waldwick Train Tower and many more.

   Below is a list of highlights for the day that will engage, entertain and educate visitors on History Day 2018:

  • The John Fell House (Allendale) will be open with activities for children and a display of a Lionel Civil War train.  At 3 p.m  they will host a presentation by Jim Wright on Col. Joseph Warner Allen (for whom Allendale is named),  Allen's even-more-famous son, and much more. 

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Help the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks

My ol' Meadowlands Commission buddy Mike Newhouse and his team of crack birders are raising money for New Jersey Audubon in the World Series of Birding on Saturday, May 5.

His team focuses on Bergen County only and does a winning job.

A link where you can read more about the World Series and the Marsh Hawks is here.