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A Return to Wissahickon Valley Park

Visited Wissahickon Valley Park in Chestnut Hill section of Philly again last week.

This time, on a drizzly afternoon, I walked along the other side of the picturesque creek  and discovered Forbidden Drive.

I walked the drive anyway, because sometimes that's how I roll.

Turns out the five-mile-long scenic path is Pennsylvania's Trail of the Year in 2018. Turns out only motorized vehicles are forbidden. That was a relief.

Lots of scenic views and waterfalls but did not see much Wissahickon schist. Last time, on the other side of the creek, I saw a schist lode, literally.

Yes, in that one photo below, it looks like a tree trunk sprouted a gorilla. What can I say?

My earlier post on the park is here.

You can buy a 845-page history of the valley, by David R. Contosta, here.