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Yellowstone Mystery Answered

Yellowstone: Part V, Wild Turduckens

Western wild turducken One of the many nice surprises of our trip to Yellowstone was the discovery that the national park is home to several Wild Turduckens, although this subspecies is different than the ones we know back east.

The elusive Western Wild Turducken molts in the autumn and develops white plumage for the winter, making it harder to spot.

Like its Eastern cousin, its call is nearly identical to a Blue Jay's, and its feet are also semipalmated.

Above, a visitor shared a photo she got of one of Yellowstone's well-camouflaged Turduckens in late February.

Below, a Turducken sighting (close-up of posting on right) posted at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge while we were there. We missed it by just minutes. Total bummer.

Fortunately, the rest of the scenery was pretty decent.