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Celery Farm Ice Is Making Noises

Obligatory 'Groundhog's Day' Video

I made this little video for the Meadowlands Commission in 2008 -- ten years ago -- and have tried to resurrect it every once in a while.  Video quality back then was not the greatest, but I still love the music and the Groundhogs' expressions.

As I noted then: "I realize that it is a bad idea to take hang out in front of birds' nests or mammals' dens in an effort to get a family portrait. The animals feel threatened and cannot escape.

  "For this video, I used a trick I learned minutes earlier from a professional cameraman: You put the video-cam on a tripod not too far from entrance, hit 'record,' and walk away. 

  "Later on, you come back, retrieve the camera  and see what you caught on video. :-) "

The photo below is a rare type of groundhog known as a tree hog, chowing down on mulberries in my yard next to the Celery Farm.