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Celery Farm 'Kindness Rock'


As the snow began to fall at the entrance from Green Way, I noticed a strange small rock sitting atop a fencepost.

It had lettering on it so I stuck it in my pocket and brought it home, rather than try to read it in the snow and cold.

The lettering above is partially washed out, but it says:

"Let it all go ...  see what  (unreadable ) ...

On the other side of the rock is a waterproof piece of paper that reads:

You have found a "kindness rock." Please post a picture of your rock on Instagram with the #allendalerocks. We are asking you to pay it forward and create your own rock somewhere and spread the kindness.

I put the pictures on Instagram.

It could be as much excitement as when I found a geocache next to the tractor.

I guess I have to make my own rock.

Stay tuned...