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Celery Farm Merlin & Ducks Galore!

Saw a Merlin fly into a tree near the Pirie Mayhood Tower at 11 a.m. today. Took a few distant iPhone shots, then ran home for the 400mm lens.

The falcon was still there, and I got a few shots before it flew. It was still distant but hopefully good enough for I.D. confirmation.  (Went back later and it had returned...)

Last sighting in the Celery Farm was by Doug Morel in October 2016. It was my first Merlin at the CF.

Ducks included: Am. Wigeon pair, Wood Ducks, Hoodies, Shovelers, Gadwall and Mallards.

Also, Golden-crowned Kinglets!


Monday Mystery Answered

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Alice Leurck saw this young Bald Eagle flying over the Celery Farm on Saturday and caught its photo. Alice suggested Monday'ss mystery:

How old is this eagle?

Alice Bald Eagle 021718
Ginny Chucka said it's a fifth-year eagle, Diane Louie said it's a fourth-year eagle, Carol Flanagan said it's a third-year eagle, and Marianne Herrmann said it's a second-year eagle. 

Finally, we can all agree on something.

It's tough, especially this time of year, when eagles are hatched. When does an eagle officially get a year older?

I thought this site was helpful.

Thanks Ginny, Diane, Carol and Marianne!

Birdy 30, Anyone?

IMG_9781Haven't had a Birdy 30 in a while, so how about one between Friday and Monday?

The object is  to see who can see the most bird species from one vantage point in a half hour.  You can try as many times as you like.

With a bit of thaw, should be getting more birds...