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Town Meeting about Deer

Passing this along from the Borough of Allendale:

The growing deer population continues to be an issue. 

In order to better inform the community about deer management, the Council will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on Wed., Feb. 7 at Borough Hall. Below is a flier with all the details. 

Please make an effort to attend and hear from experts on the subject. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and share comments.

Please send this along to friends in town, and in surrounding towns, who may be interested in attending. All are welcome.

Download Allendale Town Hall 2-7-18

By the way, the Fyke Nature Association hired the Land Conservancy of New Jersey more than 18 months to conduct an exhaustive environmental survey of the Celery Farm, with an eye toward combating invasive species.We had not done one in more than a decade -- long overdue.

The Fyke board has approved the final draft and they hope to post it on the Fyke website later this week.

Supercalifragislistic Moon

Man, that sure was a lot of hype for a full moon.

Went out to the Pirie-Mayhood Tower at 6 a.m. to take some pix of the Super Blue Blood Moon with a friend, and it sure was cold.

I repeat, it sure was cold. My toes are still thawing.

Whoever does the Moon's marketing and publicity deserves a raise.


Remembering Pat Brotherton

After seeing a recent post about the Butterfly Garden, Graig Mihok wrote:

Pat Brotherton was known well by my family and friends in Mahwah as everyone's proud kindergarten teacher. When I saw her name at the Celery Farm's butterfly garden a year ago I learned a little bit more about her. I made a short remembrance video if anybody is interested (above).

Thanks for the post and pictures!