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October 2017

Live Raptors at Fyke Meeting Tonight

Join the Fyke Nature  Association tonight (Friday, Oct. 27, 8 p.m.) for a free Hawk Identification Program featuring live raptors.

Giselle Smisko of the Avian Wildlife Center in Sussex County will show the hawks and explain the finer points of identifying the species that reside in or migrate through the Northeast.

Giselle is a naturalist, photographer, wildlife rehabber, and a Master Bird Bander.

I saw the program at the Meadowlands Birding Festival last month, and Giselle was outstanding.

Tonight's program is open to all.

Eastern Shore Monarch Highway

On a late-morning walk along Bozman-Neavitt Road on Maryland's Eastern Shore, my wife and I saw Monarch after Monarch traveling south along the highway, including one that must have gotten hit by a car (I removed it from the roadway and took its photo, above).

Got to wondering, do Monarchs often head south for the winter on highways, just like "snowbirds"?

Found this on the Smithsonian website:

" A highway, with its constant noise and air pollution, might seem like an unlikely habitat for a sensitive species. But, because the road is already there and contiguous, it makes sense for a right-of-way.
"According to the report, highways “are generally maintained in sunny areas with low vegetation height (ideal pollinator habitat), and often extend for considerable distances, thereby potentially acting as corridors for species movement and adaptation to climate change.”

Read more here.

Why Did the Turtles Cross the Road

Minutes after helping the Eastern Box Turtle across the road on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I came across a second turtle on the same road, about 50 yards away.

Although the shell pattern is different, I'm guessing it's an Eastern Box Turtle as well. What do you think?

Why were they crossing the road this time of year?

They moved fairly quickly for turtles, no offense to turtles.