My New Column: Saturday's Birding Festival
Mystery Show-and-Tell

Monday Mystery Answered, & a New Mystery

On Monday I asked,  Who can I.D. this skull I found in  Harrier Meadow last month?

Never had so many different answers: Skunk, squirrel, muskrat, possum, raccoon and groundhog.

Since it came from Harrier Meadow in the Meadowlands, I'll go with muskrat for now. Too bad it had no teeth or lower jaw.

I will bring the skull to the birding festival on Saturday and see if I can get naturalist Don Smith's verdict. (Don has trapped thousands of muskrats over the years.)

I'll also bring an empty DDT can,  a chunk of Chert, a chunk of copper ore, a replica Bald Eagle egg and a "Krajewski for President" campaign button.

What do they all have in common?

(I love show-and-tell, don't you?)