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October 2017

New Turtle Species for Celery Farm?

Saw this little guy booking across the path by the Spillway on Monday afternoon.

He moved so fast I couldn't put a quarter next to him to give you a sense of scale, but his shell was smooth, domed and a bit beat-up and muddy. He was about 4 inches long.

From all I can gather, it is a Musk Turtle. Other input most appreciated.

More on Musk Turtles here.



Celery Farm Fine after Storm

A few small branches down, Parnell's Path more akin to Parnell's Stream (below), and some muddy spots here and there, but otherwise all good.

Sawed up and removed a previously downed tree on the path through Barbara's Bog.

Water in the lake was incredibly blue.



Monday Mystery: Eastern Shore Edition

With so much interest these days in deer exclosures  (enclosures designed to keep the deer out), I thought I'd offer this photo of what I think is an old-style deer exclosure along the Bozman Neavitt Road.  

The fence is approx. 6 feet tall, with a foot of barbed wire extending at right angles along the top.

What's more, the base of the fence is set in cement.

Is it a deer fence? Why the cement along the base?