Celery Farm Pheasants! (With video!)
Monday Morning Mystery 090417

Raptor's Eye-Views of Cape May Hawkwatch

While photographing The Nature Conservancy's South Cape May Meadows Nature Preserve last week, I flew over the Cape May Hawkwatch, and thought I'd share a few raptor eye-views -- especially with the fall Broad-wing migration about to blossom in full.

Also want to give a shout-out to LightHawk, our pilot Geoff Nye and The Nature Conservancy's Mike Scullion for leading the way.

More about LightHawk, a great volunteer pilot group,  here.

More about NJ Audubon's Cape May Hawkwatch here.

More about The Nature Conservancy's wonderful South Cape May Meadows Nature Preserve here. (Photo of the preserve is lower right.)