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September 2017

2018 Celery Farm Calendars Are Here!

The 2018 Celery Farm calendars are here, and they look beautiful. The cover shot is the nature preserve at sunset, photographed by Marsh Warden Mike Limatola.

The Gregorian calendars feature all 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days -- plus wonderful photos of our favorite refuge.

They cost $15 and will be for sale at tonight's (Friday, Sept.22) Fyke meeting. Please bring a check or exact change.

A big tip of the cap to Fyke's Carol Flanagan, who once again created the calendar.

(Thanks, Carol!)

Monday Mystery Answered

On Monday I wrote:

This misplaced plant is everywhere these days, and spreading faster than Garlic Mustard. I have heard that it is native, but it seems like it is taking over.

What is it?

Louise Riccobene answered: American Burnweed - it spreads like wildfire!

You can say that again. (Thanks, Louise!)

More about American Burnweed here.