The Celery Farm's Bird of the Summer
Walt Staab's Celery Farm Trifecta

Monday Mysteries Answered

BRD_5124082617-1On  Monday, I noted that with this photograph last week, Walt Staab completed a rare Celery Farm raptor trifecta.  I asked what the trifecta was, and what kind of fish does this bird have?

Julie McCall and Ron Shields answered the first part correctly. Walt's trifecta was photos of an Osprey (above), a Peregrine Falcon and a Bald Eagle, all of which were pushed to the brink of extinction in most of the United States because of the use of DDT. (Thanks, Walt!)

Ron also answered the second part correctly:  "It'a a flying fish!!! Actually, it looks like a menhaden or a mossbunker which is high on the osprey's diet."

The mystery, as Randal Sokolik pointed out, was: Where'd it come from ? "Hudson, Hackie, Meadowlands??"

(Thanks, all!)

Tomorrow: Nifty photos of Walt's nifty trifecta.