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Celery Farm Pheasants! (With video!)

Tom Mitchell writes:

Sharon and I saw a flock of juvenile pheasants at CF early yesterday evening.
 Sharon checked eBird and it seems pheasants have not been reported at CF in some time.  We're pretty sure there were at least 8. 
First we heard one calling at the south end of Phair's pond (though we didn't recognize the call) and it walked right past us going towards the wildflower meadow.
That's when I got the photo of the immature male. 
Then when we were in the meadow we thought we heard it again but we saw the flock on the path ahead of us heading towards Phair's pond. 
We went back that way and I got the video.  In the video you can see 6 and besides the ones in the video, we flushed 2 more, not realizing there were yet more just in front of us.

(Thanks, Tom!)