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Monday Mystery Answered

Can You Solve This Bald Eagle Mystery?

Remember Alice, the Bald Eagle that nested in Ridgefield Park with her mate Al until this spring?

We know she had a small transmitter (that no longer worked), a missing wing feather and a red-over black band on her leg.

With some detective work, back in 2010, I learned from Peter E. Nye, leader of the Endangered Species Unit of the Wildlife Diversity Group for the New York State DEC that because of that red/black band, he determined that the bird was originally from Northern Alice bands Manhattan and had hacked six years earlier, in 2004.

“This is a NY band," he wrote. "We’ve put red/black on captive-reared and/or hacked birds over the years, but not too many.” (Thanks, Pete!)

One thing we never found out: What was Alice's band number?

To solve the mystery, we ask: Does anyone have a photo of Alice the Eagle that shows her black/red band with the the numbers legible?

Researchers would love to find out.

(The photos here were by Alice Leurck; Alice the eagle was named for her.)  (Thanks, Alice!)

Please email me any helpful photos at celeryfarm (at)