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My New Column: Hummingbird Rescue

Potash Hummingbird IMG_2312(1)-001
My latest column for The Record recounts what Lisa Potash of Oakland did when she discovered a hummingbird entangled by a cobweb in her garage last week.

The link is here, with a video of the female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by LIsa a bit farther down and some advice on rescuing hummingbirds at the end by rehabber Cailin O'Connor.

(Thanks, Lisa and Cailin!)


How Long Will the Meat Goose Stay?

2017-08-20 274
As you may know, an unusual goose has been hanging around the Celery Farm -- some sort of domestic meat goose, according to local expert Bob Thurston.

Definitely not a turducken, but perhaps a rare unicorn meat goose.

We don't think the bird can fly, and some folks are hoping it stays until Thanksgiving.

Any guesses to how it got here, and how long it will stay?

(Thanks to Kevin Watson for the photo.)

State Line Lookout Baseball Caps

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 4.34.01 PM
Stiles Thomas has come up with a plan for customized State Line baseball caps with a hawk watch related logo, to be sold at the Alpine lookout's restaurant.

The design, by the amazing Deedee Burnside,  call for a deep-blue  or plum-colored cap with a logo featuring an osprey and three lines of text (something along the lines above).

   To assist the restaurant's manager estimate the size of an initial stock, Stiles asks anyone who would consider buying such caps (assuming the price is within your means),  to email me (celeryfarm (at) and indicate the number of caps you'd consider buying.