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Jerry Barrack's Eclipse Photos from S.C.

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Jerry Barrack writes:

A friend and I  had a 10-hour drive on Sunday from Annapolis to Charleston  in preparation for the eclipse.
With the weather forecast very iffy, we decided to drive a few miles to get closer to the ocean where it was predicted to be a little better.
It was pretty cloudy throughout 1st contact but about two minutes before totality it cleared a little. That was predicted because the shadow cools the air and help dissipate the clouds. It worked for about five minutes and that was all we needed for a good view.
The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and it was eerily dark. Totally awesome.
I am including a few shots but was a little disappointed that the only filter I could get made the sun white instead of yellow.  Eventually they will all be on my website. All in all, it was worth the long drive back and forth from Annapolis.
The last two are Photoshopped for dramatic effect. (Full disclosure!)
 (Thanks, Jerry!)