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In Search of Wild Tofurkey at High Mountain

In addition to my quest to see (and to photograph) one of the legendary Wild Turduckens that roam the High Mountain Park Preserve, I have come across an even greater quest -- a Wild Tofurkey.

I stumbled across it on the Internet (where else). According to the Urban Dictionary, a Tofurkey is "a turkey of the rare tofu species, found only in remote regions of Nepal.

"Each Tofurkey was born merely as a slab of tofu. only 1 in 500 will sprout feet at age 2, and subsequently gain other turkish characteristics.

"Each Tofurkey has but one goal in life, and that is to be approved by the TNAOVFTWNOA (Tofurkey National Association of Vegetarian Food that was nevertheless once alive).

"Once approved, Tofurkeys must rigorously study a language. those who study english are sent to either the Northeast or california, where most ameriveggies reside.

"Once they complete their migration, around the end of November, they are promptly skinned of any exterior non-tofulike characteristics, and served to the unknowing public."

Good to know!

P.S. I am told that the only thing tastier than than Wild Tofurkey is a mushroom-based dish call Tofungus.