Trail Cam Mystery Answered
A Milestone for Local Nature

Can You I.D. This Escaped Pet Bird?

Robert Shupp of Little Ferry writes:

I live in the Losen Slote neighborhood, so it's a great yard to have a feeder.

Yesterday I was surprised to look out of the window to see this guy hanging out on the deck rail occasionally flying back and forth to the bird feeder. He came back later in the day as well.

Knowing about the proliferation of the Monk Parakeet in this area, I assume they may be invading Little Ferry.  However the red facial coloring and blue tail feathers makes me wonder.

Through the window using my phone, I captured some images. What do you think it is?

I am thinking Peach-faced Lovebird.

Anybody have any other theories?  Or suggestion on returning it to its owner?