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TNC Moth Night: S'Moths & S'Mores

Phrag Fighters Rule!

A terrific team of Phragmites cutters went to work on the nasty invasives  blocking the view of the lake by the Pirie-Mayhood Tower:

Final Score:

Phrag Fighters: 10

Phargmites:        0

The shot above was taken around 4 p.m. today.  The shot below was taken just last week.

   Part of the winning team: Diane Van Kempen, Gaby Schmitt, Patty Finn, Phil Keating, Siobhan Keating, Cynthia Devereaux, Kenny Wiegand, Mike Buckley and Charley West.  Not shown: Tom Mitchell, Matt Shippee, Fred Weber and Jim W. (Apologies if I forgot anyone.)

  While we were cutting the phrags, Warden Mike Limatola was trimming the main trails and the area around the platform.

  The preserve got a nice little upgrade this past week, thanks to a great group of volunteers.

(Thanks, everyone!)