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Monday Mystery Answered

Hackensack Kestrel

IMG_2588 Kestrel 7-23-17 WM
Bob Leafe, who shared his amazing photos of Hammy, the Hackensack Red-tail, writes:

This is the first time I've ever seen an American Kestrel on my building. It was about 20 feet from where I shot this (hiding behind a barely-open roof door in my apartment and through the storm door glass).

It wasn't on the high point of the building or even the second-highest point and was facing the most obstructed view (my apartment, which is a separate unit that sits on the roof).

Whatever.............I'm certainly not complaining.

It didn't stay long, so I feel fortunate to get this shot.

On another note, I just launched a new photoblog - - that contains about 60 years of my photography and it includes lots of shots of Hammy, the red-tailed hawk, and Jukebox, the leaping Northern Mockingbird and a million other things.

(Thanks, Bob!)  Check out Bob's blog -- very cool.)