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Another High Mountain Area Arrowhead

My recent post about finding an arrowhead on High Mountain prompted this response from Greg Birrer:

When I was about 8 yrs old, my mother took us swimming in Franklin Lake at the Indian Trail Club.

I remember sitting in about 10 inches of water digging into the sand on the bottom looking for the little greenish spiral snails that were prevalent there.

On one occasion, I pulled up my hand, let the water wash away the dirt in my hand and I was holding an arrowhead (above)!

It is the same color as yours, but mine has the notches to tie it to the shaft.

I knew what it was right away and was elated to find it. I remember my mother's friend trying to tell me it couldn't be what I said it was!

Anyway, I still have it and, yes, I think it is of authentic Lenni Lenape origin.

According to the late  Franklin historian Jim Longo, several Lenape wintered in High Mountain's Franklin Clove, got their water from Buttermilk Falls and ice-fished in Franklin Lake.  Old map is below. The line in the map is the border of Passaic and Bergen counties.

Franklin Clove is just below the bottom of the map. (Thanks, Greg!)