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Monday Mystery 073117: Trail Cam Pix

Since early May, I have had a motion-sensitive trail cam next to Stiles Thomas bird drip.

I have deleted thousands of images and kept a few, including a little surprise or two.

We can I.D. most of them. How about you?  I'll post at least two a week so as no prolong the agony. This is the last one!

(I would have gotten a high-def trail cam but they cost three times as much.)


Bonus Fish Mystery Answered -- Perhaps

A week ago, a Painted Turtle laid her eggs in the backyard  (next to the Celery Farm).

The next morning, I found a dead fish in the back driveway and the turtle eggs dug up and eaten.

I asked what happened, and what the fish was.

I suspected that a raccoon dug up the turtle eggs and dropped the fish. Marianne Herrmann suspected the same.

As for the fish, answers ranged from crappie to carp to pumpkinseed to rock bass. Tough one.


Monday Mystery Answered

On Monday, I asked folks to I.D. these two birds, photographed at Stiles Thomas' bird drip in May. Pretty tough, I think.

I'll go with the Forrest Munger/Rob Fanning consensus -- Swainson's Thrush and Nashville Warbler. Pretty good birds for a drip!

(Thanks, Forrest and Rob!)



Hackensack Kestrel

IMG_2588 Kestrel 7-23-17 WM
Bob Leafe, who shared his amazing photos of Hammy, the Hackensack Red-tail, writes:

This is the first time I've ever seen an American Kestrel on my building. It was about 20 feet from where I shot this (hiding behind a barely-open roof door in my apartment and through the storm door glass).

It wasn't on the high point of the building or even the second-highest point and was facing the most obstructed view (my apartment, which is a separate unit that sits on the roof).

Whatever.............I'm certainly not complaining.

It didn't stay long, so I feel fortunate to get this shot.

On another note, I just launched a new photoblog - - that contains about 60 years of my photography and it includes lots of shots of Hammy, the red-tailed hawk, and Jukebox, the leaping Northern Mockingbird and a million other things.

(Thanks, Bob!)  Check out Bob's blog -- very cool.)