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Cool 'Bobcat Alley' Story in The Record

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Environmental writer Jim O'Neill has a cool story on the front page of The Record today about Bobcat Alley -- a wildlife corridor that The Nature Conservancy and other groups are trying to create in the northwestern part of New Jersey.

As part of TNC, I have been out to the region several times and also photographed it from the air. It is an awesome place and definitely in need of saving.

The Record has some great bobcat shots and a video to go along with the story, here.

I thought I'd share (for the first time anywhere, I think) a trail cam shot of a bobcat taken along -- you guessed it -- Bobcat Alley, by Dennis Briede (above). Thanks, Dennis!

Below is one of the shots I took of Bobcat Alley  (Johnsonburg Swamp).