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Monday Morning Mystery 032017

If You See a Woodcock ... Help!

Feeling a bit embarrassed about my American Woodcock video of the other day, although I filmed looked healthy, because....

This from The Raptor Trust on Facebook:

 Winter Storm Stella - Tough on Birds.

 With the unusually warm weather in February and early March, many
migratory birds returned to our area early.  Then Stella arrived.

Particularly hard hit has been the American Woodcock.  This Nerf football
of a bird eats a diet almost entirely made up of earthworms.

 With this hard snow cover, Woodcocks are starving, failing and in
distress in huge numbers.  In the last 48 hours we admitted more
Woodcocks at The Raptor Trust than in the entire 2016 calendar year.

If you find one of these rotund worm-eaters, please do everything you can
to get it into a box quickly, keep it warm, and get it to a licensed
wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.

Having just returned from their wintering grounds in the Southern United
States, the Woodcocks arrive in our area thin, stressed and very hungry
after hundreds of miles of in-flight migration.  That they have arrived
to find no food has compounded the problem for them.

 Again, if you find a struggling Woodcock, please do what you can to get
it to a wildlife rehab facility.

  We appreciate your help!"