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Pair-a-Ducks Paradox

1-IMG_1934Saw these two female Wood Ducks sitting my old owl box by the Celery Farm earlier this week. 

The box's hole is too small for either to fit inside, but they chilled atop the box together for several minutes. 

This is prime time for Wood Duck viewing in the preserve.

Tuesday: My Free Bird Photography Talk

Here's the squib for my free talk for the Teaneck Camera Club on Tuesday:

 “The Ten Commandments of Bird Photography”
Jim Wright, the long-time birding columnist for The Record, has been a writer for as long as he can remember, but in recent years he has come to appreciate how much photography complements and augments what he does — whether he’s doing his column, writing articles for magazines or posts for nature blogs, or doing e-books and large format books (The Nature of the Meadowlands). 

In this presentation, Jim will share what he has learned about nature photography the hard way, and hopes it spurs a lively discussion. He concedes up-front that you are probably a better photographer than he is.

In addition to his writing, Jim is a deputy marsh warden of the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale and a trustee for The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey. His nature blog is

Jim latest column, about his upcoming visit to the club, can be found here: The Bird Watcher.

The event, which begins at 8 p.m., on Tuesday, April 4,  is open to the public. It will be held at the Richard Rodda Community Center, 250 Colonial Court, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

Here are Directions.

Hope to see you there!

Young Bald Eagle @ the Celery Farm, 8 a.m.

1-IMG_1959Happened to look out the window and see a huge bird flying over the Celery Farm's Lake Appert. Ran outside with camera to the Warden's and located it in a distant tree on this gray morning -- a young Bald Eagle that almost looked like a Red-tail, but much bigger. Frank Muscara confirmed it with his spotting scope.

I then raced over to near the Pirie-Mayhood Platform in time to get the shot above. Distant look from Warden's Watch is below.  Any thoughts on the eagle's age? I am thinking about two years old ...