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Info on Last Night's Speaker -- and the Next

Gabriel Willow of New York Audubon  was last night's speaker at the monthly Fyke meeting. You can follow him on Facebook here.

The next speaker is the legendary Kevin Watson ...

Falkland Islands and South Georgia:

Antarctic wildlife spectacular, by Kevin Watson

  They may be earth’s greatest but least-known wildlife destinations: the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia are the breeding and nesting grounds for many of the bird and mammal species that inhabit the rich but stormy waters surrounding Antarctica.
   We’ll see glacial plains filled with countless thousands of King Penguins, majestic albatrosses gliding a few feet overhead, huge Elephant Seals battling on the beaches, and much more.
   Join photographer Kevin Watson for an unforgettable wildlife voyage to the other end of the earth!

March 24, 2017 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall