Announcing the 2017 Birdy 30 Winners!
Mourning Cloak on High Mountain

Birdy 30 Photo Gallery

1-Red-tailed Hawk B30 MG_4253We had lots of cool photos submitted for the Birdy 30 contest, including the one of a Red-tailed Hawk looking into a Hackensack window, taken by Arlene Romoff. 

My caption for the photo didn't make the newspaper, so I thought I'd share it here, for better or worse.

This Red-tailed Hawk apparently competed in a “Human 30” competition in Hackensack -- he looked in a window to see how many mammal species he could identify in 30 minutes.

The photos below are:

European Robin by Ned Mueller, Wild Turkey by Dave Kaplan, female Northern Cardinal by Susan McTigue, Blue Jay by Laraine Fergenson, Blue Tit by Ned Mueller, and Tufted Titmouse and male Northern Cardinal by Susan McTigue. 

An earlier post on the winners, including a link to the column online, is here:

A big thanks to all!

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