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Mink Pix from the Celery Farm

1-February 27 2017 Celery Park Mink 5697
Ask and ye shall receive:

On the blog on Sunday,  I noted that  a mink had been seen  near the Warden's Watch on Saturday, and asked:  "If you do get some pix, please share so I can post them on the blog."

Sandee Faust answered the bell.  She sent along these two pix, and said she saw the mink as soon as she entered the preserve.  (Thanks, Sandee!)

1-February 27 2017 Celery Farm Mink

TNC Tuesday: Test Your H2O IQ

Delaware Bayshore

I did a cool little water quiz for The Nature Conservancy's New Jersey Blog. I offer a list of eight preserves and areas of interest in New Jersey that  share a common thread -- they are home to some of the state’s most valuable water resources.

Can you match the list with the photos below them.  The photo at the top of the quiz itself is the Delaware Water Gap, by Peter Miller.

You have to guess the rest, including the one above.

You  can take the NJ H2O IQ test here.

I will post the answers next week, so please don't put your answers in the comment section.

The Fell House: On the Road to Victory

Went to a talk last weekend by noted historian Robert Selig about the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in New Jersey -- a route that took many Continental Army troops and their allies p1-DSCN0173ast the Fell House and Hermitage.

The Fell House hopes to get a plaque commemorating its role as a witness house along the route.

The talk was at the historic Van Horne House in Bridgewater, pictured here.

Selig, project historian to the National Park Service for the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail Project, will be giving the talk again on May 18 for the Bergen County Historical Society.

Keep Your Eye Open for Mink

A mink was seen near the Warden's Watch on Saturday, and one was reported hit by a vehicle on Boroline Road by Route 17 recently, so keep your eyes open and your cameras ready. (And slow down if  you're on Boroline Road.)

If you do get some pix, please share so I can post them on the blog.  Thanks.