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Mystery Answered?

Exciting Crowphy News! (Not)

DSCN9297-001I am pleased to announce that Fyke's Ramsey Circle had 98 birds yesterday  .... that were Dark-eyed Juncos. And I am probably low-balling this number.

I am sad to announce that Fyke's total species count was a paltry 78, and that may have included visits to three pet shops. In fairness, Fyke did their count on a gloomy Jan. 2, when many birds appeared to be still hung over  from New Year's Eve.
The BCAS Hackensack-Ridgewood Circle, in contrast, had a robust count of approx. 90 species on their count three weeks previous when there apparently were many more birds around.
As a result, Bergen Audubon will retain the coveted Crowphy (above), awarded each year to the team with the most species seen on the Christmas Bird Count.
That means that this December, Fyke will have an approx. 12 bird handicap.

Next time, BCAS, next time! (Picture some fist-shaking and saber-rattling here.)

In the meantime, congratulations to the BCAS for this victory.  (BCAS, please maintain this trophy so that it does not become a Rusty Blackbird.)

For a second year, Fyke must eat Crow-phy. Boo!