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November 2016

Fell House Vultures

DSCN9924-001If you were wondering what all the Turkeys are doing at the Fell House, they are there to eat what's left of a deer that was likely hit by a vehicle earlier this weekend. It is too bad about the deer; can only hope no humans were injured in the collision.

A big thank you to the borough for removing the deer.

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola reports that a couple of Common Ravens have investigated the accident scene as well. (Thanks, Mike.)

Cuban Owl Moth


I have a lot of cool pix from my recent trip to Cuba, so thought I'd share them here.

With the help of some knowledgeable moth friends, I have been able to ID this moth as an Owl Moth (Thysania zenobia, for any ancient Romans out there).

The moth was photographed at my lodgings in Playa Larga, not far from the Bay of Pigs. 

Tomorrow: Malachite Butterfly.

My New Column: Bird-proofing Your Windows

Roy Woodford Redstart AMRE_20150523-DSC_7141-002
My latest column for The Record is on an effective way to reduce the number of times that birds collide with the windows near your feeders. The product is called BirdSavers, and you can make them yourself or send away for them.

I'll post a link once the column is online. In the meantime, you can read it in the newspaper on Page 5 of the Better Living section.

The column features a photo of a female American Redstart, taken at Garret Mountain by Roy Woodford.

BirdSavers' website is here.