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Red-breasted Nuthatch by Phair's Pond

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Alice Leurck write:

 I finally saw a RB Nuthatch at The Celery Farm Sunday afternoon. 

The wind was wicked, so there were not many birds about.  I stopped by Phair's Pond on the way out.  It was sunny and calmer. 

There were birds, and then towards the top of a nice pine, there was the RB Nuthatch hanging off a pine cone and moving about very quickly.  When it came back to the tree, I got 1 shot. (Not the best, but the only 1 I got).  Then I was not able to relocate it.

An RB Nut has been seen in that vicinity this fall. Perhaps one is still around.

(Thanks, Alice! Nice single shot, kinda like Robert DeNiro in "The Deer Hunter." In flight, no less.)