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October 2016

Wednesday: Antiques Appraisals @ Fell House


On Wednesday night, the historic John Fell House in Allendale is hosting an open house DSCN0005and its second Antiques Appraisals, featuring Dean Klein, owner of Vintage Roots.

(That's Dean, above, at the first Fell House event in April 2015.)

Dig through your attic, basement or garage and bring in one or two items for a free and fun appraisal. While you're there, find out more about the upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

The first event was terrific -- you'll hear Dean talk about all sorts of old items that folks have brought in. They could be treasures or ... trash(?). You just never know, which is half the fun.

The free event runs from 7 to 9 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

The John Fell House is at 475 Franklin Turnpike, across the street from the Celery Farm. The Celery Farm was once part of Founding Father John Fell's estate and known as Fell's Meadows.




Two High Mountain Videos Worth Seeing

If you are interested in the High Mountain Park Preserve, there are two YouTube videos worth a look.

The first (above) is all about Franklin Clove, by the late Franklin Lakes historian Jim Longo.

(I am leading a walk in his memory this Saturday; it is booked solid, but I hope to do more in the spring.  I am also giving a free talk about the Clove  and High Mountain's summit this Friday. More info is here.)

The second, below, is an amazing 360-degree aerial video by Andreas Lauschke for The Nature Conservancy and LightHawk. It gives you a sense of the vastness of the preserve -- and the suburbs nearby.

This Friday: My High Mountain Talk for Fyke

JW TNC High Mountain Clove-001
On Friday, Oct. 28, I am giving a
talk about the two coolest aspects of 1,260-acre High Mountain Park Preserve in nearby Wayne -- the historic summit and the amazing Franklin Clove.  The talk is free and open to the public.

As a bonus, I'll give a reading  my new ground-breaking tale about a strange, seldom-seen bird that lives on the summit (the reading will feature illustrations by artist Miwa Ishikawa of William Paterson University).

 The rest of the entertaining talk and slide show will feature nature photography,  aerial photos and archival images.

Co-sponsored by Allendale's Lee Memorial Library, the talk is at the Fyke Nature Association meeting at 8 p.m. at the Allendale Municipal Building, 500 W. Crescent Ave., Allendale.

Red-breasted Nuthatch by Phair's Pond

7W0A0174 (3) copy2b
Alice Leurck write:

 I finally saw a RB Nuthatch at The Celery Farm Sunday afternoon. 

The wind was wicked, so there were not many birds about.  I stopped by Phair's Pond on the way out.  It was sunny and calmer. 

There were birds, and then towards the top of a nice pine, there was the RB Nuthatch hanging off a pine cone and moving about very quickly.  When it came back to the tree, I got 1 shot. (Not the best, but the only 1 I got).  Then I was not able to relocate it.

An RB Nut has been seen in that vicinity this fall. Perhaps one is still around.

(Thanks, Alice! Nice single shot, kinda like Robert DeNiro in "The Deer Hunter." In flight, no less.)