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October 2016

Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_1457On Monday, in advance of my High Mountain talk for Fyke and a field trip to HM's Franklin Clove, I wrote:

Thought I'd throw stones out there to see if anyone knew what they are. 

Found this on High Mountain earlier this year. What is it?  (Not sure myself.)

Ginny Chucka posited: "My brother Doug thinks it's Metamorphosed Granite Hornblende or Gneiss ... " Marianne Herrmann wrote: "I think white granite can have grey streaks like that...."

I, too, took it for granite. (World's oldest rock joke.)  Gneiss! (World's second-oldest rock joke.)

Thanks, Ginny and Marianne.




About that Pileated Feather

One of my goals for the year was to photograph a Pileeated Woodpecker at High Mountian this year.

I guess this is the next best thing -- a Pileated feather found by Ginny Chucka in the Franklin Clove during Fyke's High Mountain walk this morning. (Thanks, Ginny!)

More about Pileatd feathers here.

A recent Pileated video at Troy Meadows by Dave Blinder, below, is a pretty cool look at this beautiful bird.

A Terrific Walk to the Clove @ High Mountain

The Jim Longo Memorial Walk to Franklin Clove in the High Mountain Park Preserve this morning was a real trip -- featuring amazing rocks, genial participants, a rock shelter or two, a Phoebe nest or two, a Pileated feather and a waterless Buttermilk Falls.

Joining us in remembering Jim were his wife Rosalie and Lauren, one of his daughters. It was a perfect fall morning.

That's one of the ancient rock shelters behind us. After lengthy deliberations, we decided not to spend the night.

Jim Longo's Franklin Clove video,  filmed by Lauren Longo, is below. Will post more on that Pileated feather and the Phoebe nest later.

(A thank you to Ravi Potluri for the photos above.)

Fell House Antiques Night Highlights

Had some amazing antiques appraised at the second annual Fell House Free Appraisal Night.

The items provided some  terrific history lessons on everything from the Beatles to the Burrs..

A big thank you to Joanne Hart for once again arranging this event, and to appraiser Dean Klein and his team,

Peter Neumann and Mitchell Opirhory. Great job!

Here are some photo highlights:

  • _MG_6634
  • _MG_6586
  • _MG_6599
  • _MG_6602
  • _MG_6603
  • _MG_6605
  • _MG_6608
  • _MG_6626
  • _MG_6647
  • _MG_6655
  • _MG_6675
  • _MG_6683