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Another Day, Another Baby Turtle

_MG_5376I found this young (native) Painted Turtle in my driveway yesterday afternoon after nearly stepping on him.

Celery Farm Marsh Warden Mike Limatola carried the youngster to the stream/ditch behind my house and set the little guy free.

Again, a coin magically appeared next to the turtle. I'm just guessing, but I'd say this young turtle was roughly the size of a quarter, give or take a penny.

I did not realize he had a pocket big enough. _MG_5388


A Legendary Birder from Teaneck

My latest column is about Frank Gill, an ornithologist who has achieved some amazing accomplishments over his incredible career.

Gill, who is speaking at Bergen County Audubon Society's 75th anniversary dinner tonight, is originally from Teaneck, and he turnds 75 this year as well. THe BCAS is one of the reasons he became a birder.

A link to the column is here.

The photo above is a recent photo of Frank. The one below is one of a young Frank at the Greenbrook Sanctuary more than 60 years ago.

Frank Bennington Gill 073