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A Hawk I.D. Challenge

To mark the opening day of the fall counting season at State Line Lookout, I thought I'd see who has their hawk I.D. skills up to snuff.

Tom Mitchell writes:

[At the Celery Fram on Tuesday morning,] we got a good look at a Green Heron at the corner by the warden's watch until another walker strode past us.  And we got a good look at a hawk that we think is a Cooper's. (Pix of hawk are above and below -- what do you think it is?)
Scat in two places on the path similar to medium dog size but black, which we supposed might be coyote, which reminded me of a book I found very interesting, Coyote America by Dan Flores, telling the story about how coyotes survived and even thrived in the face of the prolonged campaign in the southwest to exterminate them, explaining that among the results is that they have shown up in our environs here.
(Thanks, Tom!) IMG_3103