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Monday Morning Mysteries Solved

DSCN9305 DSCN9925-002








On Monday, I asked you to solve the mysteries lurking in the photos above.

The answers are two frogs and flicker. The second frog is under the word "here>", which is why I missed it!

Congrats to all the frog-eyed readers who got the answer correct, as opposed to Jimbo.


Ruff Continues in the Meadowlands

1-IMG_0365-002Was lucky to get this life bird this past weekend in the Meadowlands. The Ruff had been seen at DeKorte and nearby Harrier Meadow for over a week, including yesterday morning.

 A big thanks to al the birders who have tracked the bird for the past week and help other birders locate it, and the the NJSEA for allowing access on Friday morning for folks to see the birds.

The Ruff is a European sandpiper that strays over here on occasion. It is thought to be the only bird named by a canine. Or not.

More on Ruffs here.

DeKorte Butterfly Day Highlights

JW Monarch
The seventh annual Butterfly Day at DeKorte on Saturday was a lot of fun -- had quite a few species of butterflies while I was there, including the always-great-to-see Monarchs and this beautiful Zabulon Skipper, below.  Lots of families at the event, including lots of enthusiastic kids (always great to see).

The Record wrote a cool story on the event, here.

Also below, a clear-winged moth in the Butterfly Garden.

JW Zabulon