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S'Moths and S'Mores: Sunday Night

Upgrades at the Pirie-Mayhood Tower

IMG_0896A big tip o' the hat to Gaby Schmitt for all the continuing work she has done to clear the excess vegetation in front of the Pirie-Mayhood Tower so some pretty cool plants -- Butttonbush and Swamp Milkweed, for example -- can get some sun and room to grow.

Gaby writes:

For me, it's an enjoyable, ongoing project - especially when we can now see the bees (go pollinators!) and Common Yellow-throats in the swamp roses.

I'm hoping the uncovered plants/blossoms will also attract more varieties of butterflies. We've seen plenty of Cabbage Whites and the occasional Red Admiral.

And, a final note: maybe I'm tuned in a bit more to swampies now, for I've never noticed how many there are on the opposite shore, on either side of the mallard box. So lovely!

Thanks, Gaby!