TNC Tuesday: South Cape May Meadows
A Leisurely Walk Around the Celery Farm

A Memorable Celery Farm Moment

The Celery Farm holds lots of wonderful memories for so many of us, but it may be hard to top Lori Bonomo and her boyfriend Adam, who share this story from a year ago today. Lori writes:

It had been a rainy weekend and I was preparing for a job interview.
So we had been stuck inside. On Saturday Adam said he heard the sun may finally come out late Sunday afternoon. If it did, did I want to go to the Celery Farm, (a favorite spot of ours), to get some fresh air and a little exercise?
I told him I would "let him know..."
Poor guy! Lol
Lucky for him, ok and for me!  The weather cleared and I agreed to go!  I felt prepared for the upcoming interview and I was looking forward to getting out of the house. 
So off we go and little did I know, Adam had a big surprise waiting for me.
But there was a slight snag in the plans...
He planned on his surprise at the top of the first platform but there were people already sitting down comfortably and he had a slight deadline...
His Dad was holding up a big white sign with Sparkly letters  on the opposite platform.
So he bit the bullet and asked me, "What's going on over on the other platform, what's that sign?"
From afar I thought  it was a sign saying it was closed, but when I looked through the binoculars
I was shocked... It actually said, "Lori, Will You Marry Me?"
I started crying my eyes out, and I turned around to find Adam down on one knee with the ring. I couldn't talk so he finally asked, "So is that a yes?"
Of course it was a YES!! 
The people that were there with us realized what was going on, and we're all thrilled. Then we ran over to the other side to see his Dad and celebrate!!
P.S.: I also nailed the interview the next day and got the job!

(In case you are wondering, Lori and Adam will get married next May in Next May in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Not sure if we are all invited to the wedding yet...)