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The Three Red-shoulder Chicks of Allendale

Linda and Bill Kempey hosted a little meet-and-greet yesterday for their three new tenants, the Red-shouldered Hawk babies of Allendale.

The Kempeys' son was nice enough to cut away some of the lower tree branches so folks could see the nest during the event.   (Thanks, Kempeys!)

The three little ones are getting big, and flapping their wings If you looked closely yesterday, you could occasionally see all three squirts at one time (above).

If you watch them for awhile, you will likely think that "squirts" is a good nickname for them. As you can see from the tree trunk in a photo or two, their aim could be better.

Here are a few pix.

  • _MG_3291
  • _MG_3313
  • _MG_3323
  • _MG_3325
  • _MG_3327
  • _MG_3337