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Stepping Up for Lorrimer

Fyke's Gabrielle Schmitt writes:
Yes, it is that time of year again. I hope you all made it through the winter and the wintry beginning of Spring in good form. Admittedly, I'm a bit late in sending this out but I didn't think I'd get much positive response when the temperatures were in the low 30's. So now that we're enjoying the lovely weather, I'm hoping for lots of enthusiastic responses. Please.
I will again be scheduling the day and, therefore, "knocking on your email door" to ask you to participate by pledging your support (per species) or making a donation, by signing up (and showing up : ) for one or more time slots to walk the Celery Farm and count birds ....or hey! you can of course do both!
As always, the schedule begins at 6am or 06H00 ... and proceeds in 2-hour segments until 6pm or 18H00 (or dusk). Teams will walk through the Celery Farm and count the species; team totals are then combined at the end of the day. It's a great way to get out and bird with fellow members; improve your ID skills or assist someone else in improving theirs.
This is our annual fund-raiser to support the education programs at the NJ Audubon's Lorrimer Sanctuary in Franklin Lakes. Patrick Scheuer and staff do a wonderful job providing children with a positive learning experience while having a great time enjoying nature. I believe they deserve our support.
In case you're wondering if I'm only organizing this fine event, I do expect to be birding the first 2 slots - 6am (okay, 6ish - it has to be light enough to avoid tripping on tree roots  : ) to 8am and 8am-10am. Stiles Thomas and his crew have the 10am to 12noon slot but that shouldn't exclude anyone.
To sign up, please email me at [email protected], or you can phone me/leave a message at 201-387-0048. Carol Flanagan has included the pledge form in the latest newsletter- page 9. If you prefer to send a donation before the day, that's not only acceptable but very much appreciated. Please make checks out to Fyke Nature Association; indicating Stepping Up or Lorrimer 2016 and mailing it to Fyke Nature, Box 141, Ramsey NJ  07446.
Thank you very much for your attention, and for stepping up.