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Coming Soon: A New Celery Farm Trail Map and Brochure

Hard to believe for folks who visit the Celery Farm 001regularly, but visitors still get lost here. Actually, it's pretty easy.

That was the reason that the Boy Scouts put in the numbered markers along the path around the natural area a few years back.

The trouble was, the numbers weren't on any widely circulated map, so they were of limited value -- until now!

Thanks to a donation by the Winifred M. and George P. Pitkin Foundation and some nifty work by Deedee Burnside, we have an updated trail map in our brochure, including the numbered markers and the expanded Pirie Mayhood Tower and deletes the wonderfully non-existent Jonathan's Duck Observatory.

The brochure/map is free and availble to anyone who wants one. We will also give copies to the police and rescue squads,

I created the original brochure and updated version. A terrific designer, Mimi Sabatino, did the the original layout and the updated one -- and worked with the printer to see it through to completion.

The photos are courtesy of Barbara Dilger, Jerry Barrack, Stiles Thomas (who provided the archival aerial photo of the old farms) and me.

We will also have new trail maps without the numbers, printed on heavy stock and suitable for framing.

In an ideal world, we should have copies of the brochures and trail maps in time for this Friday's Fyke meeting.

(Thanks, everyone!)

TNC Tuesday: A High Mountain Mystery

I recently did a post about a century-old High Mountain mystery fImg551or The Nature Conservancy's New Jersey blog.

The mystery -- written up in a daily paper more than 125 years ago --even made the current edition of Weird New Jersey.

Folks who attended my more-recent High Mountain talks know the eerie answer.

The link is here

Don't be scared. Keep saying to yourself, "It's only a blog post. It's only a blog post."