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Don't Miss Jerry Barrack's Talk This Friday!

The final Fyke meeting of 2015-16 features an illustrated talk by Jerry Barrack. The legendary nature photographer, generous friend of Fyke and all-around good guy will show what amounts to a greatest hits album of his amazing nature photos and videos from the Celery Farm, Africa and Florida.

See why he is the dean of Celery Farm nature photography.

The talk is free and open to all!

A reception for Jerry will follow his presentation, so please plan on sticking around afterward. As Stiles Thomas likes to say, "Only a fool would miss this show."

Here's the info:

Jerry Barrack: From Africa to Allendale

From South Africa to Allendale, with many interesting stops along the way, Jerry will be presenting many of his favorite images. The private game preserves of Phinda and Londolozi and Kreuger National Park in South Africa provided many opportunities for great images of the “Big Five” mammals (Lions, Leopards, Cape Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhinos) as well as many birds not seen in the U.S.

Many new images from Florida will be shown in addition to other “special places” including the most idyllic of all, the Celery Farm. As usual, the show will last an audience-friendly 37.5 minutes.

The meeting is at 8 p.m. on Friday at the Allendale Municipal Building, 500 W. Crescent Ave.