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3 Cool Meadowlands Earth Day Birds

Ron Shields and I did a little scouting at DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow for the NJSEA today and saw a bunch of cool birds. Ron took the photo of the young Bald Eagle (above).

I photographed the distant silhouette of the Glossy Ibis and the somewhat closer Northern Pintail (below).

Three great Earth Day treats. Happy Earth Day to all.




Chipping Sparrow under My Feeder (Again)

Chipping Sparrows can be a tough bird to get at the Celery Farm, so be sure to check out the ground under Wright-Finn feeders, on your right as you enter from the Franklin Turnpike lot headed for the Warden's Watch.

I found this guy this morning around 8:30. The feeders had run dry the afternoon before, so he had the ground pretty much to himself.

The Mourning Doves and other big birds tend to shoo this small sparrow away when the main feeder has seeds.


Cool Map Showing John Fell's Property in 1781

I bought this map reproduction a while back and forgot about it. Took it out to have framed for John Fell History Day on Sunday, and realized (again) that it has Fell's and Hopper's properties marked between Paramus and "Ramapoe."

The big map (above) has a square in the upper right to give you an idea of where the property is. In the enlrgement below, you can clearly read "Fell's." At least I can.

The map is called "A sketch of the Northern Parts of New Jersey," traced for a 1781 map. It also shows part of the province of New York. Present-day Secaucus is an island. High Mountain is no doubt on there somewhere. Just gotta figure out where.

 See for yourself on Sunday.