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Losen Walk Is Tomorrow (Sunday)

One of my favorite places in the Meadowlands is Losen Slote Park in Little Ferry.

BCAS is having a walk there at 10 a.m., Sunday, and Don Torino wrote this column for the Meadowlands Nature Blog about this unheralded birding spot. The link is here.

I took this shot at the same walk a year ago.

Warblers should be there, so start your neck exercises now.

Squirrel Saved from Mink at Celery Farm

Trish Albanese writes:
This is the only clear picture I shot as we both startled each other. I was coming from Warden's Watch on Wednesday afternoon, headed back to the parking lot.  
At first glance I thought 2 squirrels were fighting.  Little did I realize I disrupted an afternoon snack (you're welcome, little squirrel)!  
The mink froze for a second and then ran right into the large hole right near the footbridge.  Hope you enjoy!
(Thanks, Trish!)