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February 2016

Duke Farms Eagle Update

It sure looks like Duke Farms' Bald Eagles are Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 7.17.34 AM incubating two eggs again this year.

If there had been a third, it most likely would have arrived on Wednesday.

My latest post for Duke Farms' blog is here.

A nifty story on the eagles and all the new happenings is on, here.


The Celery Farm Is Soaked (plus an Eagle Sighting)

Looked out the window this morning to see the path from the Franklin Turnpike parking lot to the Warden's Watch surrounded on both sides by water.
In other words, the shoreline of Lake Appert comes up to the path. (In photo above, the path is in the middle of the photo.
I have been too swamped to walk the trails but I am sure they are wet and in some places totally flooded. I do know that the path from the Spillway to the Warden's Watch is under several inches of water.
The lake appears to be draining well -- my backyard and neighbor Lorie's backyard were not flooded as they had been in the past.
On another note, I was on the phone with Stiles Thomas around 8:15, and as I looked out the back window, I saw a large bird...
I exclaimed "Bald Eagle" and raced to the front door in time to see an adult Bald Eagle fly above the barn, American flag and Fell House before heading south. No time to grab a camera, but what a sight.

Announcing The Record's Birdy 30 Winners

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  • Downy Woodpecker McTigue.jpg
Downy Woodpecker McTigue.jpg

Today's Record features my latest column on the winners of this year's official Birdy 30 contest, in which readers competed to see who could see the most species in any 30-minute time frame over Valentine's Day weekend. 

We had 22 contestants and some cool birds.

In the photo gallery are Deb Endresen, who won the contest with 21 species (and a lot of feeders),  Maryann and Bill Fahey, who won the random drawing, a pair of Eastern Bluebirds photographed by Bill Wall of Manahawkin during the Birdy 30,  a Downy Woodpecker photographed during the competition by Susan McTigue of Closter.

Congratulations, all!

The column, with the winners and exciting details, is here.