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Monday Mystery 01116 Answered

On Wednesday, I asked folks to ID this seedy plant.

Congrats to Betsy Thomas, who not only answered correctly on this blog's Facebook Page but also prounounced it correctly: "Chi, chi, chi, chia."

She wins a free ticket to hear the legendary Kevin Watson speak about Peru at next Friday's Fyke meeting.

(Note: That is the chia pot, not Kevin, pictured above.)

Record Article about the Bald Eagle's Comeback

Page 36 wright eagle nest-002The Record's Jim O'Neill has a story in today's editions about the Bald Eagle's remarkable comeback in New Jersey. The link is here.

To read how New Jersey helped bring about that recovery -- the state was down to one nesting pair four decades ago -- read my article in the current issue of New Jersey Monthly. It is not available online yet but I will let you know when it is.

The photo above is the Ridgefield Park's nesting pair, Al and Alice.